Hi, my name is Mojo and I do not have a coun­try. I have been trav­el­ing for the past two years from one place to another to avoid per­se­cu­tion and depor­ta­tion to one of the world’s worst dictatorships.

Let me tell you about what really mat­ters to me though: music. I have had the strongest desire to pur­sue a career in music for the past 10 years and I have failed to accom­plish that. The rea­son why is because I let my cir­cum­stances dic­tate my life. We all have our excuses for why we’re not liv­ing true to our­selves. I’m sure you can relate.

I write this blog as a com­mit­ment: I will no longer live in fear. I turn 10,000 days old on Feb­ru­ary 5, 2014. On that day I will kick off my jour­ney to travel the world and film a doc­u­men­tary about music bring­ing peo­ple together.

Why travel the world? because I need to lib­er­ate myself and find a home. My rela­tion­ship with Eritrea, my father’s coun­try that I have never been to, has crip­pled me. My fear of being sent there con­trolled me for the longest time and I finally said to myself:

“If I can­not go to Eritrea, I’ll just go to every other coun­try in this world.”

I do not need a res­i­dence sta­tus to do what I love. I will spend my life going from one place to another shar­ing my love for music with people.

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