We’re happy to announce that Eritrean UK organ­i­sa­tions for jus­tice will be gath­er­ing their strengths this Sat­ur­day to dis­cuss the Com­mis­sion of Inquiry with Ms. Elsa Chyrum, Direc­tor of Human Rights Con­cern. We will dis­cuss on how to opti­mize the impact of this mea­sure in the UK and how to uti­lize our resources in order to effi­ciently expose all the human rights vio­la­tions per­pe­trated in Eritrea.

Arti­cle 10 of the Uni­ver­sal Dec­la­ra­tion of Human Rights stipulates:

“Every­one is enti­tled in full equal­ity to a fair and pub­lic hear­ing by an inde­pen­dent and impar­tial tri­bunal, in the deter­mi­na­tion of his rights and oblig­a­tions and of any crim­i­nal charge against him.”

The arti­cle spec­i­fies “every­one”, yes even the dic­ta­tor Isayas Afe­worki who has been ruin­ing our coun­try and our dig­nity for the last 20 years deserves to be one day heard at the Inter­na­tional Crim­i­nal Court.

So let’s pro­mote jus­tice in Eritrea, jus­tice for the inno­cent unfairly impris­oned and jus­tice for the criminal.

Con­tact us, if you are ready to sup­port this deci­sive action, there is plenty of work for all of us. We hope to see you all this Sat­ur­day at Abrar House by Edward road, 45 Craw­ford Place, W1H 4LP

The Com­mis­sion of Inquiry UK Task Group